The strength is worrying, why is the wheeled tractor broken in two? The chassis load is actually approaching its limit

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Recently, some netizens asked why the tractor was broken in two? Regarding the problem of the use of wheeled tractors interrupted into two, the author really encountered several such cases in market research, today we will analyze together why tractors are broken into two.

First of all, the case we shared is a 704 tractor, located in Inner Mongolia, the supporting equipment is a kind of sapling machine, the ploughing depth is relatively deep, the user has not modified the car, in the forest factory sapling operation process, the tractor itself pulled itself into two, in the rear of the gearbox close to the rear axle connection disconnected. The tractor is a well-known domestic agricultural machinery enterprise early production of classic tractor model, the chassis is a medium and large chassis, at that time there was no big horse-drawn cart, according to the most popular K value calculation method, the tractor K value reached 45.6 (the minimum use mass of the tractor is nearly 3200Kg, the tractor K value is the ratio of the tractor's minimum use mass to horsepower), but even the K value of up to 45.6 can not stop the fate of being pulled in half in use. Fortunately, the service of this enterprise is still very good, after the user complained to the factory, the manufacturer replaced a new tractor for the user for free.

Think about the current big horse-drawn trolley model, some models K value is only 26, the author thinks, if this model for ploughing and other heavy-duty traction operations, tractor chassis damage is basically normal, because your chassis strength and engine power are extremely mismatched, chassis strength is far from meeting the needs of heavy-duty traction operations, if such a chassis in heavy-duty traction operations are not damaged is not normal. In recent years, the wind of large horse-drawn carts has intensified, enterprises in order to grab high profits and subsidies, tractors are K value is getting smaller and smaller, small K value tractors in heavy-duty traction operation failure rate is high, there are constantly user complaints to the agricultural machinery management department, some have also been exposed by the national media, in this case, Heilongjiang Province first introduced K value in agricultural machinery subsidies, and limited K value, in 2021 part of the subsidized model K value reached 32, now many provinces have followed up, with the adjustment of subsidy policies, The chassis strength of the tractor is believed to be getting better and better, and there will be fewer and fewer models of large horse-drawn cars.

Let's share another case, a 1204 tractor, K value of about 30, located in Sichuan, the supporting tools are a ploughshare, in order to increase traction, the user modified the place where the counterweight before the car was installed, welded a large iron frame, and put a plurality of counterweight sandbags in the large iron frame, ploughing operation, the front bracket of the tractor was disconnected, and the tractor was broken into two. Because the user modified the tractor privately, according to the provisions of the three guarantees, the fault of the modified part was not within the scope of the three guarantees, and the user bore the cost of accessories, and the manufacturer repaired it for the user free of labor costs. This also tells us that the purchased tractor, as far as possible, do not make private modifications, especially the brake part and the structural part, otherwise, it will affect the tractor's three packs.

Let's share another case, an 804 tractor, when walking on the road, was hit by a turning tricycle, as a result, the tractor was knocked into two, the tractor gearbox was completely cracked from the middle, the tricycle was actually fine, the two drivers were also fine, the tricycle driver still muttered, why is this tractor so unhit? Not as strong as a tricycle. Carefully pondering the words of the tricycle driver, it seems that there is really some reason, our tractor should feel very strong in people's impression, but let the tricycle hit the waist, the real situation of the tractor knocked out, which also alerts us that the chassis strength of our tractor does need to be strengthened, first, the strength of the chassis should match the engine, as far as possible to avoid large horse-drawn car models; Second, the design of the gearbox and rear axle shell should be reasonable; Third, the casting quality of the gearbox and rear axle shell should be strengthened, meet the requirements of the drawings, and avoid casting defects.

I hope that our tractor is getting better and better, stronger and stronger, the failure rate is getting lower and lower, and it is comfortable to buy and use with confidence.